Affordable Technical Solutions – Peter Newell

From minor hardware fixes to a major network repair, you can trust us with all of your computer needs! We have a passion for computer repair but also for helping people at a price they can afford while putting high level customer service at the center of everything we do.

Top Quality Computers
Get Excellent quality, reliability, performance and value

Professionally Refurbished Used Computers
All used equipment is completely tuned up, checked and guaranteed

New Life For Your Old Computer
Get additional value out of the PC you already own

Computer Repair, Upgrades, Tuned-Up and Optimization
Stretch your computing dollars and ensure trouble-free computing with a thorough tuned-up and inexpensive upgrade that make sense

Remote Support
You can avoid the need for an in-site visit or bringing your computer, if it can’t be solved by remote access, I am close by and I can come to your location

Specializing in business and home wired and wireless networks

Wireless Connectivity
Get your wireless device connected to your WiFi network and internet

Wireless Printing
Get your wireless device to print to a printer connected to your PC or network

Virus Software / Adware Removal
Clean up infected systems an d install security software

Data Recovery and Transfer
Recover Valuable data from crashed systems

Data Backup
Set up inexpensive backup systems to prevent data loss

Website Development
Help customers find you and reach new markets

Let me help you interpret technical specs and requirements

Learn what you need to maximize your productivity and IT investment

Engineering Projects
Electrical and manufacturing engineering assistance

Radio Service
Installation and diagnostics/basic repair of two-way radio systems.

Latest Technology Column

as seen in the Hamilton County Express & The Lowville Journal and Republican

Facebook ‘Legal Notice’ Privacy Hoax

Facebook can be very useful but it is also a source of misinformation. There is outright fake news promulgated by ...
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User File Cleanup

A customer asks: Morning Peter - I have a question, do I need this file? [CNET_TechTracker_2_0_1_51_Update] I am committed to ...
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Keep Track of User Accounts and Program Installers

When helping customers, I frequently run in to the problem of unknown account names, passwords, and license keys and unavailable ...
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Biggest Computer Mistakes

Responding to bogus telephone calls from “Microsoft Support” or “Symantec Norton:” No one is monitoring your computer for malware or ...
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Frontier Yahoo Mail Hacked!

In the last few months I have assisted a number of customers in resolving problems with their Frontier Yahoo email ...
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Windows 7 Support Ends January 14, 2020

Microsoft will discontinue support for Windows 7 on January 14. Don't panic.  Don't just run out and buy a new ...
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A Brief History of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service

In the early 1900s, hams were considered irritations and nuisances to the "real" communicators - the commercial sector and the ...
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Change Your Passwords!

  All on line accounts (including email) have passwords. If you have not changed them recently, you are at greater ...
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Keep Digital Notes and Scan Everything

I’m sure loyal readers and customers have noticed the absence of regular new tech articles in this newspaper over the ...
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Converting Between Video Output Connections (DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, VGA)

Q: My laptop docking station is not HDMI, but the new monitors I bought to keep up here at the ...
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