Top Quality Computers: Get Excellent quality, reliability, performance and value.

Professionally Refurbished Used Computers:
All used equipment is completely tuned up, checked and guaranteed.

New Life For Your Old Computer:
Get additional value out of the PC you already own.

Computer Repair, Upgrades, Tuned-Up and Optimization:
Stretch your computing dollars and ensure trouble-free computing with a thorough tuned-up and inexpensive upgrade that make sense.

Remote Support:
You can avoid the need for an in-site visit or bringing your computer, if it can’t be solved by remote access, I am close by and I can come to your location.

Specializing in business and home wired and wireless networks.

Wireless Connectivity:
Get your wireless device connected to your WiFi network and internet.

Wireless Printing:
Get your wireless device to print to a printer connected to your PC or network.

Virus Software/Adware Removal:
Clean up infected systems and install security software.

Data Recovery and Transfer:
Recover Valuable data from crashed systems.

Data Backup:
Set up inexpensive backup systems to prevent data loss.

Website Development:
Help customers find you and reach new markets.

Let me help you interpret technical specs and requirements.

Learn what you need to maximize your productivity and IT investment.

Engineering Projects:
Electrical and manufacturing engineering assistance.

Radio Service:
Installation and diagnostics/basic repair of two-way radio systems.