Concept of the Offer:

Bring me any computer (Windows Vista or later) whether or not Windows is operational. I will do a free evaluation to determine if a current version of Linux Mint can be installed. If so, I will convert the operating system from Windows to secure, stable, high-performance Linux Mint for $79.  

If you find you don’t like it, you can return the computer to me and I will return your $79. Since you probably started with a non-usable computer anyway, you have lost nothing by trying Linux. (Your old computer will become my property to do whatever I want with. That way I at least get some compensation for the time I invested to provide you with a free trial.)

This is a limited offer.  It does not include hardware repair, data recovery or transfer, or other services.

Please read the “fine print, ” as follows:

What I will do for $79:

  1. If after an initial evaluation, I think that the computer hardware is a suitable candidate for Linux, I will run diagnostics on the critical components (motherboard, RAM, and hard drive) to detect physical problems that would prevent successful installation and operation.
  2. I will open the case (tower/desktop computers), blow out dust, and check that fans are running.
  3. I will install Linux Mint (the most popular distribution).
  4. If you wish to keep the existing Windows partition (working or not) and if there is enough room left on the hard drive to install Linux, and if the drive formatting is not so screwed up that it would take extensive work to fix, I can install Linux as a dual boot configuration with Windows. This would allow you to access old files.
  5. If dual boot is not desired or possible, I will replace Windows with Linux. Note that this will overwrite all files on the hard drive. If there are files you want saved, that must be done first. File recovery or backup is not included in the $79 offer.
  6. If you wish to use Thunderbird [an email client] instead of webmail, I will set up access to your mail servers, if you know and provide your user credentials. Saving and transferring old messages or address book from a Windows mail client such as Outlook or Windows Live Mail is not included in the $79 special offer.
  7. I will provide some written information and instructions, and a brief tutorial/demonstration of how to use Linux. (The Mint Desktop is very similar to Windows so you will not need to learn a completely new system.)
  8. If you are not satisfied with Linux after a 2 week trial, you can return the computer to me. I will buy it from you for $79 or give you $79 trade credit towards a new or refurbished computer or other technical service. You can’t lose. I am willing to make this offer because I am confident you will like saving money as opposed to buying new computer, and after a minimum learning curve you will find Linux as easy to use as your old Windows – probably than switching to Windows 10, and definitely a lot more reliable, stable, private, and secure.


  1. Extensive hardware testing, troubleshooting, or repair is not included.
  2. Repairing the existing Windows operating system is not included.
  3. Backing up or recovering old files is not included. If you have not backed up your files (documents, pictures, etc.) they will be lost if Linux is installed in place of Windows. If dual boot is set up you may be able to access old files.
  4. Recovering, exporting, converting, and transferring email messages or address book data from programs such as Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, IncrediMail, and Outlook) is not included.
  5. Exporting, transferring, and converting desktop shortcuts or Internet bookmarks (favorites) is not included.
  6. Pick up, delivery, on site installation and setup, printer installation, etc., are not included.
  7. I will answer basic questions to get you started, but extended ‘tech support’ or user instruction is not included.
  8. Any additional charges for extra services such as data recovery and transfer, delivery, on-site setup, etc., are not refundable.
  9. I will perform basic hardware diagnostics before installation but I absolutely can not guarantee your old computer’s hardware.